Cell Phone Jail
Cell Phone Jail

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Product Description

It?s criminal when electronics stop human interaction, so, to give those pesky phones what they deserve, lock them up in this phone jail.

Cell Phone Lock-Up Cage is perfect gift for teachers to use in their classrooms, parents to use during dinner or family time, or to use personally if you have bit of a 
cell phone addiction problem.

At 17.50x6.50x18.50cm design,this cell phone prison is more than big enough for even large phones. 6 grooves allow you to put in enough phones and keep your phone upright.

Specially designed to ensure that phones cannot be taken out while locked, and with a secure locking mechanism, no one will be getting into the Jail Cell Lock Up without you knowing.Novelty Friends Party Games Toy.

Have you always be interrupted by your phone message, Facebook/Twitter news push during you're reading/studying/ working? Let the Phone Jail Cell Help you out! Just lock your phone up into the jail box, store your key into somewhere or hands out your key to your loved one, telling them not to let you have the key until the task is finished!